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Monday, June 13, 2011


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Prof. Martin Ayim

Thanks for these revelations. Truly, We are not Cameroonians.The United Nations must salvage this horrendous situation. Southern Cameroons was Independent on October 1, 1961! and what are we still waiting?

J. S. Dinga

The big question is: What are we celebrating? Why would people who so manifestly lay bare the injustices to which they were plunged want to celebrate? I put 1000 CFA francs to the answer of this question.

There is a lot of very important history in this narative. But there is also a lot of unsubstantiated claims that are not backed by any authentic document. Worse still is the distorted definition of Anglophones! For the purposes of those preindependence negotiations, Anglophones were persons resident in the Southern Cameroons territory(former north-west and south-west provinces)understood to be composed of many tribes and even foreigners from Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and French Cameroons. Similarly, Francophone Cameroon too was understood to be made up of tribes resident in the rest of the triangular country. Subsequent manoeuvers by trouble makers and persons with hidden agendas elevating tribes in the Francophone zone - Bassas, Bamilekes, Ewondos etc and equating them to "Anglophone tribes" shows how much prevaricators were hard at work. And making Anglophones of those from French Cameroons who studied and mastered the English language has been another unfortunate ruse in this dirty game. No Anglophone who ever studied the French language - and tons of them did so with remarkable flair, serving the first independent president as official translators and interpreters - have ever claimed to be Francophones!

It is all nice and good to place blames on Foncha and the rest. They were no saints. But a look at some of our enlightened persons of today does not show that we are any way near nirvania. Some of the most treacherous undertakings against the anglophone people have been carried out by full blooded Anglophones themselves in all type of guises, all in pursuit of privileges where others sought principles.

If a document is supposed to help people dissect and solve problem, such a document must be credible. So much blame is placed on deceased leadership but little is made of important documentation that one should expect from the UN in New York or the archives of the British Government. Human undertakings are not perfect; they can and ought to be perfected with time, as people come on stage and leave. Unfortunately perfection for some of our citizens remains the perpetual chore of finger pointing.


I think the U N still owes Southern Cameroons the responsibilty of setting it up as an independent state. I don't know what reasons prompted the U N to decide on two options for a peopple who clearly constituted a separate entity,but I must confess it was a grievous mistake. It may not have cost human lives up to now,but it is certainly not going away anytime soon. I am afraid Cameroonians will be paying for this someday. About who an Anglophone is,my understanding is,it is about the territory. All Southern Cameroonians came from some where. The most important factor is,they settled in that territory,and adopted the anglosaxon culture. Not those who live in Douala,Yaounde,or anywhere else yet speak English or attend UB. It is the Anglos who inhabit North West and South West that have a problem of being treated inferiory.It does not matter if these Anglophonws previously lived in Loum,Nkongsamba,Baffoussam etc.The binding factor is inhabitting the NW and SW region and adopting the Anglsaxon culture. THEY ARE THE ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM. If I were Biya,I will help solve this problem,making it a legacy. Correcting a mistake,setting the country on a different path.

violin maker

I spent a few moments looking over your articles and your site, very well put together.

Valentine Njee

Absolutely nothing to celebrate for the majority. The elite have something to celebrate for they are the benefactors of the fruits of Cameroon in the anglophone as well as in the francophone communities.

Historical facts provides people with the necessary information to form an opinion and chart a path. Lets assume none of the information provided above is factual. The challenges the country faces cannot be permanently rooted in history. Individuals from both ends of Cameroon have had the opportunity to make positive changes in the lives of the people they serve. Though progress has been made in certain areas, there has been collective failure in many respects. The country has been individually/severally looted by anglophones and francophones.

I do not think there is anything to celebrate. I think those who have benefited most from the sacrifices and resources of the people of Cameroon should instead organize themselves and make meaningful contributions to the everyday lives of the least of the society. If as Africans we can show apathy towards Ivorians, we should be able to show the same concern for people in Cameroon whether they settled in East or West Cameroon. Remember that the colonial boundaries were never drawn by Africans.


I believe the appropriate term is "commemorate" the 50th anniversary of reunification. It is a neutral term that may either be happy or sad. So while Southern Cameroons nationalists will be commemorating Oct 1 2011 in sadness, Pan Kamerunists will be commemorating that same day in joy, pomp and pageantry.


Commemorate = A call to remembrance


The betrayal of the Anglophone course to freedom by the NW people didn't end with Foncha and Muna. Is still alive and active. It is the NW, that has innitiated all the moves for Depot Biya. Change the constitution NW, Change the Name of the Country NW, crown you a Fon, NW, Sell Southern Cameroon, NW, sell the Anglos, NW. greedy, self centered people, who believe that Anglophone leadership is only good when a N .Westerner is at the helm.
Sad to read from History that N. Westerners are black legged people, hypocrites, betrayers, double standard people, traitors, sell-outs and you name the rest of the bad oments coming from that region of the english speaking Cameroon.
The very egosim that people consider as mistake by Foncha and Muna is still alive. No lesson from History by these Ngankocks. When the master plays the drum of shuttling the PM's post between the two arch enermies, the NW celebrates the droping of Inone for Yang, as if Inone wasn't an Anglophone.
The Anglophone course or call if Ambazonia republic will never see light, unless the Greedy NW start thinking that, the genuine political leadership of the Anglos is SW. The only leaders who can lead a liberation struggle in SC is a S.westerner. NW, only think of power, how to rule and plonder the riches of SC.
You sold us yesterday and you are still selling us today. You, your sons and daugthers and even your future generations, will hardly learn from history.
Don't blame Foncha and co. Greed, blackmail, back stabbing, concerntration of power, trickery etc are Heriditary vices for the NW. This people can only change when the SW will be ready to teach them some manners in rulership. Let there be an Independent republic of North West and an Independent Republic of SW. we will all share boundaries with French Cameroon.
I am a key supporter of the Anglopone liberation struggle. But look at even our local meetings abroad and at home. When a NWesterner is not president, they condemn leadership immediately, incite hatred, and all acts of divion within the people. the opposite is true when their brother is there.
God cleanse them so that even the educated, those at home and abroad should understand that, political freedom can never be achieve By the Anglos as much as the NW continue to play the game of the fox, the dog and the chiken God help them to be reasonable and stop behaving like educated mad people whose conscience has been fizzled by all the vices of nature. Give-up your bad behaviors and trickery, the SW will forgive and accept you as a brother and together, we can change the course of events in Cameroon, either way (Our liberation, or definition of terms legally) with the frogs.

Gan Charles

Southern Cameroons had unsophisticated leaders who could not and did not fathom the long term consequence of their decisions. The damage that was done is irriversible.
Dr. Ngoh has stated cleary how Southern Cameroons got into this mess. Unfortunately, the only good that could come from this is that this gross derailment of a people by her leaders is documented in history.

Gan Charles

Abanda - It is a known fact that there is a deep division between the NW and SW peoples of Southern Cameroons for all the reasons we know. A NW'ner could list as many grivences as you just mentioned in your post. How long can this distrust be perpetuated? Will the two sides ever look past the PAST? If anything, the failures of the past should galvanize Anglophones to unite for a better future. Both sides are guilty of digging up the past and quick to lay blame. It is distructive.

Valentine Njee

The belittling of Cameroonians from the NW is unwarranted. Most people from the NW gained little or nothing from politics.

Specific individuals are responsible for their actions. When we revert to assigning collective blame for the actions of a few, we absolve those individuals who did not perform in the best interest of their constituents of the responsibility for them to be accountable.

We cannot continually revert to the past to explain why 2 generations of Cameroonians from both West and East Cameroon have not been able to bring meaningful changes to the lives of a significant number of Cameroonians. Those who are privileged to have real power in governing the country should dedicate themselves to the service of the country. They are given a unique opportunity which is neither a curse nor a blessing, but a chance to contribute to the edification of a better Cameroon.

nyam fuka

I was told that if a story can't help us today to solve our problems and prepare for our future, it's a waste of time for historians to continue telling that story.What do southwesterners learn from the history of Dr Ngoh? That northwesterners led the southwesterners into their present mess and so can't be trusted.The result? 'COME NO GO'.Please think of such teachings in Rwanda 1994 and Ivory Coast today.Who sold the CDC to the friends of the grasslander? Not Foncha. Why did Bobe A N Jua not stand up when Ahidjo entered the hall at the Founmban conference of 1961? Biased story-telling can't fool our eyes 50years later.

J. S. Dinga

You said it, dear Nyam Fuka, just like Mwalimu George Ngwane said just a few days earlier:

"If the present generation of former West Cameroonians especially organic intellectuals, erudite historians and the young Turks have nothing to offer towards a renegotiated discourse of the union, if they cannot provide a collegial leadership that sees beyond the unfortunate drama of yesterday’s actors,yes,if they cannot push their constitutional visions beyond the comfort zones of press releases, motions of support and media interventions, let them leave the souls of Foncha, Endeley, Muna, Jua, Kale,Mbile, Egbe, Abendong, Ajebe-Sone, Kemcha and Motomby Woleta to rest in perfect Peace."

Austin Ngenge

i am not surprised with the usual crap from Victor Ngoh.KNDP begged for support from Soppo Priso,people from la republique voted for the KNDP,KNDP won because grass fields people outnumbered the forest people.Where will we ever find the truth.Every one knows that the KNDP did not win in all parts of the north west province in the plebiscite.I am talking here of Nkambe division,it was the Enderley option that carried the day and the voters were grass fields people.What does he have to say about that? Everyone knows Enderley was a very proud man and complains about his pride and difficulty to communicate was not only from the fons,what does the professor have to say about that? As a historian as well i am not surprised to read his own version.The version of the story of Cameroon that always tries to put the blame on Foncha and grass fields people.This is all crap.There is nothing new here from Ngoh.He simply changed the wordings to the same song that he has sung for years with others.But we know the facts and these are not the facts,he has no evidence to prove the accusations he levies on Foncha,an electoral defeat is an electoral defeat and should be accepted as such.The KNDP won.If he claims that grass fields people in the coast vote for political options put by grass fields leaders,how come that isn't happening today? The french professors hide the truth,the English ones twist it to aggravate the blame game. This fits perfectly into the narrative they have all been trying ever since to make,that northwest people want to dominate southwest and all the "cam-no-go" nonsense.Its all nothing but crap crap crap....bla bla bla


The question therefore is, is VJ ngoh an ANGLOPHONE IN THE STRICTEST,ABORGINAL AND GEOPOLITICAL POINTS OF VIEW? The answer is a staggering NO.
so since he is bat who fits neither with birds nor animals, the best option is to create a divide amongst the animals and birds to as to find a place.

Mwalimu P Bela

Interesting facts,though some lack forensic evidence to support them. Anglophones must stand united and continue the struggle. Proud to say that,I was part of this magazine from scratch (especially its launching at UB) n it's becoming so huge!! Good job to N.Williams Wasaloko.


Aas said above: 'The french professors hide the truth,the English ones twist it to aggravate the blame game. This fits perfectly into the narrative they have all been trying ever since to make,that northwest people want to dominate southwest and all the "cam-no-go" nonsense.Its all nothing but crap crap'
Its exactly what it is. That Cameroon, this Country of ours ONLY NEEDS DIVINE INTERVENTION, ALL OTHERS ARE VANITY.Unfortunately, we were all born by LIERS, parents, Grand-parents, God-parents, etc.Its A NATION OF LIERS to the CORE, trust me when you stay off Africa for one month, you will BEST UNDERSTAND what a NON-LYING GOVERNMENT IS.Its just too bad that we're all entrapped by DEMONIC RULERS whom we DON'T EXPECT TODO ANY GOOD, which they can't do not because they Don't want to DO them, but because They have been BEWITCHED TO FOR EVER AND EVER ENJOY DOING EVIL.
When GOD'S TIME COMES, WE would not be told, We will KNOW BECAUSE GOOD HAS FINALLY TAKEN BACK ITS PLACE. Brothers! it gonna take a while, a REAL LONG WHILE to GET OFF THIS BONDAGE.


sir i am proud and happy for your ptrioric spirit of pointing the right.but i hav one fear in me that it is late and if not what can be the prospects for this truth.

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Abanda,may the gods of Menchum Fall,Lake Nyos and Oku have pity on your entire cursed family.What gives you the impression that Foncha was a North Westerner? Have you ever made it a point of duty to dig backgrounds of people of interest? If you have done that,then you must have found one astonishing thing about them. Foncha should be one of such people.I will like you to trace his family line from the North West.Prof Ngoh is a historian I respect but many a times,I really wonder if he is the same person who stood in Amphi 150 B and lecture us HIS 303.He has distorted a lot of historical facts for personal interest.This is too treacle for a man of learning and refinement.History will judge him some day. Abanda or whatever you call yourself,you are nothing but an idiot.The North West has always been the torch bearers in all activities of human existence in Southern Cameroons.Sellouts in Southern Cameroon are the South Westerners.South Westerners got a lot to learn from North Westerners.


What a wonderful clarification to our fellow ignorant Southern Cameroonian family members. Though it might take long, l hope We will one day come out of this bondage just as the people of Israel in the holy bible in the name of Jesus.

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